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The Practice of Law, PLLC is an experienced legal team dedicated to balancing the Scales of Justice in the Golden Triangle Area.


The expert defense team will fight aggressively to protect your name and future by providing the area's most comprehensive and compassionate approach to your case.


General Legal Services

Experienced in 21 Montana Counties

DUI Defense

Misdemeanor/Felony Representation

Mediation/Dispute Resolution

MDR Arbitration/Negotiation/Mediation

Family Law

Parenting Plans/Custody Modifications/General Dissolutions

Personal Injury

Wrongful Dismissal

The Practice of Law, PLLC Attorneys are experienced in 21 of Montana’s counties.

If you are seeking representation ----- ranging from a traffic violation to the most serious matters ----- call The Practice of Law @ 406-531-8499   

…The Practice of Law… - Where the only promise made is they represent you like family.

Client Testimonials 

"Attorney Zachary Kitchin really helped me out big time! He was very professional and a man of his word. If I had questions or needed anything he got it done immediately. He kept me updated on everything through the whole process. If you need an attorney Zach is the man for the job!"

Cameron J.

Call 406-531-8499 for your free and confidential consultation.

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